Fugenschnitzer 0.8 beta

What Is Fugenschnitzer?

Fugenschnitzer is a Seam Carving image resizing program.

What Does Fugenschnitzer?

Fugenschnitzer can resize images using Seam Carving. For that Fugenschnitzer offers these operations:

What Is Seam Carving?

Seam Carving is a new image resizing method introduced in 2007 by Ariel Shamir and Shai Avidan.
Frequently, images are requiered to be resized in a way that changes the aspect ratio. Therefore, two conventional methods are available with their known disadvantages:

  1. Stretching: Causes the image to be warped.
  2. Cropping: Objects near the image margins are removed.

The Seam Carving method is a smart alternative way beside these two conventional methods. If you resize the image using Seam Carving the image content is completely preserved without image warping.
This is achieved—in contrast to conventional image resizing methods—by being aware of the image content. The Seam Carving effect is that only those parts of the image are removed that have the least difference to their neighbourhood. Thus, the "objects" visible to the viewer keep remaining.